About Us

With DOL Coach, you are welcomed into a team of focused, skilled, and committed individuals with over 100+ years of combined experience in leading, managing, coaching, and guiding individuals, teams and organizations through the changes and challenges that come with growth and the pursuit of improvement.

We are servant leaders with an inexhaustible desire to encourage, support, and advocate for those who aspire to achieve personal and professional freedom – be it self-determination, independence, autonomy, or choice.

Our Mission: 

Energize and equip organizations and people through relevant and intentional engagements designed to empower unlimited growth.

Our Vision: 

Be the penultimate provider for professional learning optimized through relevant and purposeful engagement.

Scott Kinder
Scott KinderFounder and CEO
I founded DOL Coaching in a desire to continue my service to others after decades of service in the federal government, military service, and civilian employ. I’m a Special Forces combat veteran (18C MOS), former civil servant and executive…
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Heather Kuhns
Heather KuhnsChief Development Officer
Hello!  I am driven by my professional mission statement: to use my skills, abilities, and experiences to help people grow personally and professionally to achieve their best self, to make an impact on our communities…
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