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Heather Baker, CPD, CPT

I am driven by my professional mission statement: to use my skills, abilities, and experiences to help people grow personally and professionally to achieve their best self, to make an impact on our communities through building relationships that nurture our common goals of resiliency, inner strength, personal affirmation, and sound mental health. I came to DOL because I can fulfill every bit of that mission statement through work I can do within our organization and with our diverse partnerships.

I have had many experiences in my professional life: middle school Math and Science Educator, Resilience Trainer for Marine Corps Family Team Building, Family Readiness Officer for Marine Special Operations Regiment, Educational Consultant, Manager of Professional Services, Marketing Manager…now Chief Operating Officer (COO) for DOL as a Certified Project Director and Trainer. I hold a Masters in Education with a Training and Performance Improvement specialization. But these are only positions. Titles. Roles I have filled.

Why work with me?

I will provide both coaching and consulting services to the same clients under the same engagement. The goal is to provide one-on-one sessions that are tailored to your specific personal and professional development needs and could entail a mix of coaching, training, advice and guidance at various points in our relationship. Combined sessions are designed to enhance, develop and support leadership skills. Whether you are transitioning to leadership, are already an established leader or an individual contributor, the fusion of services is designed to drive achievement of your personal and professional goals.

I am an experienced and passionate professional driven to help others achieve personal and organizational growth and success.  The skills I will put to work for you include consultative value selling, change management- both individual and organizational, coaching to success, content creation and delivery, program and project management training, building better teams, mentoring, better communication, performance improvement and overcoming obstacles.  My areas of working genius are Galvanizing and Tenacity.  This will work for your benefit: once we identify your goals and areas for growth, we will build a plan and execute on it.  I will be here to energize your efforts, push you forward into actions and results, with the grit and attention you need to cross that finish line.  We will partner up to drive you to the success your heart desires and deserves.

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Let me know where you want to go. Then let’s get there together.

Excited to speak with you soon!