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The DOL Training Team will be conducting our Virtual Instructor-Led Training: Certified Project Officer (CPO) Certification Course via Zoom from 2 May through 27 May 2022.

Sessions will be held each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening from 7 pm-9 pm Eastern.

Everyone who completes the training and meets the course objective is admitted to the Institute of Project Management as a Certified Project Officer (CPO).

This course is a comprehensive Certification Course covering all phases of the project lifecycle. Our course gives you the tools, knowledge, and confidence to join project teams across industries, of any size and varying duration.

Additionally, everyone who attends the course will get free access to our video-on-demand RPM certification course for life.  RPM is a great tool to refresh course information and will be used to make up any sessions you are unable to attend live.

There are no skills or experience requirements to attend the VILT CPO course and it is open to everyone.

Register here:

Please use your personal email address as this is the email we will use to create your RPM account and issue your CPO to at the end of the course
To say thank you for all who serve, use the code GRATITUDE for 25% off the VCPO course.




2 May 7-9 PM Session 1: Project Frameworks

Before you can “deliver the project right”, you need to ensure you are “delivering the right project”. Learn project terminology, how projects work, and the importance of a project methodology. 

4 May Session 2: Project Stakeholders

Successful Stakeholder engagement is one of the most overlooked yet important aspects of successful projects.  Learn who the stakeholders are throughout your projects and how to prioritize and engage with them effectively.  In this session, you will learn to understand and employ the free and customizable Stakeholder Register (provided to you at no charge).11

6 May 7-9 PM Session 3: Choosing the right project

Demystify and de-stigmatize Business Cases and learn how to properly initiate projects through internationally accepted best practices to ensure organizational resources are protected and utilized properly.  Give your teams the tools needed to capture ideas and present them as viable projects. Learn to spend the proper amounts of time and money on the proper projects. In this session, you will learn to understand and employ the free and customizable Project Concept Canvas and both Simple and Detailed Business Cases (all provided to you at no charge).

9 May 7-9 PM Session 4: Project Planning

Understanding and properly planning your projects are key to their success.  Learn to plan and budget for your projects properly.  This session allows your team to truly understand the importance of proper scope and time management.

11 May 7-9 PM Session 5: Project Procurement

Go to the market and win proposals with confidence.  Learn to understand not only your organization’s processes but that of others.  This understanding and knowledge to foster greater possibilities for successful procurement.

13 May 7-9 PM Session 6: Project Risk Management

You’ll learn to Identify, Prioritize, Treat and Track the risks present in your projects and communicate them effectively to all levels of the organization.  After this session, your team will have a more comprehensive understanding of the many risks present in projects. In this session, you will learn to understand and employ the free and customizable Risk Profile Tool and Risk Register (both provided to you at no charge).

16 May 7-9 PM Session 7: Project Communications

Too often projects fail through changes in organizational priorities and/or miscommunications and ineffective communication methods.  Learn how to properly communicate with all elements of your organization and learn to utilize meetings effectively.  You will learn to understand areas of Working Genius, DISC, Enneagram, and more…

18 May 7-9 PM Session 8: Managing Project Teams

Project management is easy until people get involved.  Learn to organize your people and develop them into highly functional and capable teams focused on winning the project battles assigned to them.

20 May 7-9 PM Session 9: Leading Projects and Earned Value Management

Conflict exists in many project areas, from passionately defending a recommended course of action to personality differences.  Learn to properly gauge the level of conflict resident within your projects and how to best contain it.  You’ll also be prepared to speak to the state of a project at any given point and communicate how the projects are tracking against schedule and cost through relevant uses of Earned Value.

23 May 7-9 PM Session 10: Agile Project Management

Learn non-waterfall methodologies and gain the ability to apply them to projects of various sizes.  Learn to best employ the daily stand-up (Scrum) throughout your organization.  Also, learn to properly plan for sprints and utilize Kanban boards to your competitive advantage.

25 May 7-9 PM Session 11:  Change Management

The only constant in projects is CHANGE.  Learn to embrace change and empower your team to be less fearful of change and discover how to best collaborate and succeed in volatile or uncertain environments.

27 May 7-9 PM Session 12: Closing Projects.

Closing projects is a mini-project in itself.   Learn to close projects correctly and apply the lessons identified and learned to future projects to help guarantee their success.

At the close of Session 12, all who attend the course will be granted certification as Certified Project Officers (CPO).  The CPO is a lifetime certification with global accreditations.  

Please email [email protected] for more information.